About Devin Powers

Brand Guru / True Series Product Partner

Devin Powers

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Devin Powers has been in recording studios since the age of 14. His curiosity for capturing sound was the catalyst in him being the producer of his earliest recordings. Gaining a “feet on the ground” education about the feel and sound of instruments, recording consoles, tape machines, preamps, limiters, EQs, guitars, amps, transformers and microphones was a journey that was meant to be for someone who loved the color and the vibe he heard on all his favorite artists’ songs.

The hours were logged, and over the early years Devin produced, co-wrote with, and mixed, a multitude of local SF bands, including his own, all while performing in any and every venue - from the biggest to the smallest up and down the California coast.

As Devin’s production, writing and playing skills became honed, word got out to legendary bassist John Entwistle of The Who. Devin was flown to the UK and five of his songs were recorded for John’s solo album The Rock with Zak Starkey, Henry Small, and Tim Gorman - with Devin playing guitar and co-producing, along with a North American tour the following year.

Lee Rocker of The Stray Cats also called on Devin to play lead string bender and writer in his solo band, touring and recording in studios and playing live around the world, sharing the stage with such greats as Willie NelsonLeon Russell, and Waylon Jennings.

In 1997, Devin’s band The Vents was signed to Universal Records. The critically acclaimed Venus Again, which was produced, written and largely performed by Devin, saw the band on tour with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Cake, The Dandy Warhols and Wilco.

In 1999, Universal Television called upon Devin to bring his playing and sound to TV. He was a disruptive element - and the networks, producers and editors loved it. Devin was one of the first (if not the first) to start throwing down punk power chords and thrashing guitars solos all over the TV airwaves - forever leaving his imprint on the sound of modern TV worldwide. To this day Powers Music Group remains a first call for world class media producers, with scores and themes on over 800 TV Shows & Films in the last 23 years! (Recipient of multiple PMA Mark Awards, SESAC & ASACAP Awards, and an Emmy.)

In 2017, at a point where many might rest on their laurels, Devin launched the new theatrical trailer label Synapse Trailer Music, along with the record label Big Vox Records. (Recipients of multiple Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Telly Awards, and PMA Mark Awards)

It was in 2018 when Shane McFee was visiting Devin’s studio equipped with his massive vintage gear collection, that some mixes were patched through custom transformer hardware racks – and the light bulb went off. True Iron as an idea was born.

The duo bent on audio perfection and accuracy decided to release True Iron as a test launch product for future ongoing collaborations. It took off, and is now in tens of thousands of home and pro studios and mastering houses around the globe, and thus the True Series was born. (True Iron and True Dynamics are both NAMM TEC Award Nominees) Their mutual love of tone, simplicity and analog honesty lives in each True Series release.

“It’s been a real honor and a pure joy to work with Shane on the True Series products. I am excited to see where we take it next, the possibilities are truly endless”
 -Devin Powers