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True Iron – the true sound of transformers

Add warmth and heft to your tracks and masters.

NAMM TEC Award Nominee 2020True Iron is a NAMM TEC Award nominated plugin made by Kazrog in conjunction with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It accurately emulates 6 classic line transformers, known for their use in many of the biggest names in vintage analog outboard sound processing. Models are based on the UTC 108 X, the Malotki E4M – 4001B, the Western Electric 111C, the Haufe V178, the Marinair LO1166/A , and the UTC O-12. Bonus: Take a look behind the scenes at the gear (and producers) who inspired True Iron.

These transformers add weight, heft, and girth to your mixes and masters. The plugin features adjustable strength, input impedance, wet/dry ratio, and a special “Crush” control to add fat transformer saturation to tracks and buses. Plus, the CPU usage of the plugin is low enough that you can add it to every track or bus in a mix for added virtual analog warmth across your entire mix.

Free Demo Download Available

To download the free demo, select "Free Demo" from the "Version" menu above, then click Add to Cart and proceed to check out (it won't ask for payment information, don't worry!)

Demo limitations: Kazrog plugin demos are time-unlimited, but have silent output every so often. Also, preset save is disabled. Purchasing the plugin removes these restrictions.



System Requirements

Mac Windows VST VST3 AU AAX

  • macOS 10.13.x or higher required
  • VST, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Apple M1 (or Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge") CPU or newer strongly recommended
  • All Kazrog plugins are Universal Binary 2 (native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel architecture.)
  • Windows 10 or higher strongly recommended
  • VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge" CPU or better strongly recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 575 reviews

Amazing! This is the special sauce I've been missing. Subtle but very powerful. I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this.

Ulysses H.
Arnold - Terminator -Iron

Adds weight to vocals. Grit to bass. Magic and voodoo sprinkled in too. I love this thing!! This the hot sauce of plugins. Put this on everything, drums guitars synths vox icecream it’s that good!!

Thiago S.F.
this plugin is amazing

Excellent, you can use it for everything

Willie F.l.

Dope 5 stars

Jerry W.H.
Outstanding piece of kit…

I can really hear the difference this makes whether I put it as 1st plugin on an instrumental track or over the master buss. As a mastering tool it really adds warmth & girth without distortion, retains clarity, and used in conjunction with Kazrog’s Avalon, they have become the first plugins I open on any newly recorded track. Top class.