About Shane McFee

Founder / Lead Developer

Shane McFee

Born in California, Shane McFee has been a tech enthusiast and musician most of his life. At age 5, he began learning to code in BASIC on the Atari 400/800 platform (in addition to a lot of gaming.) At age 10, he began to learn to play guitar. By his teens, Shane was recording original songs to 4 track tape, and sequencing drum machines and synthesizers via MIDI on the Commodore Amiga.

As a college music major, Shane got a background in music theory and composition, and expanded his knowledge of production as nonlinear hard disk recording became affordable and viable in the late 1990s. Post college, with his band Backmask, Shane was among the first musicians to begin using a laptop and DAW at live concerts, providing both backing ambience as well as MIDI patch changes for various devices and FX.

In 2004, Shane began capturing guitar speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) and trading them with fellow enthusiasts via the Andy Sneap producers’ forum. At that time, using IRs for direct guitar recording was not commonplace as it is today, and there were no commercially available libraries yet.

In 2008, Shane formed Kazrog, and released its first software product, Recabinet - the first commercial library of speaker cabinet IRs. The library would grow over time, and get its own dedicated plugin by 2010.

After releasing several successful plugins from 2010 onward, Shane partnered with Devin Powers in 2018 to create True Iron, which began the True Series plugins in the Kazrog lineup.

Kazrog has gone on to release multiple critically acclaimed plugins, two of which (True Iron and True Dynamics) received NAMM TEC Award nominations.