New Plugins

Kazrog Synth Warmer

Synth Warmer – $29.99

Synth Warmer - classic analog filter/saturator. OUT NOW!

True Iron – $39.99

The true sound of transformers. Add warmth and heft to your tracks and masters.

KClip 3 – $59.99

KClip 3 - Mastering Clipper, Loudness Meter, Multiband Saturator

Legacy Plugins

Older Kazrog plugins no longer receiving free maintenance updates. Major paid updates for these plugins are coming in 2019. By purchasing today, you will be on the upgrade path and eligible for future discounts. Get great sounds for new low prices!

Thermionik – $49.99

Professional native amp modeling suite for the tone-obsessed guitarist.

masterDither – $9.99

Next generation mastering grade dither.

ValvEQ – $9.99

ValvEQ – Baxandall inspired Mix / Mastering EQ with tube saturation and mid/side.