Airline V15

A whole lotta tone for your next classic riff.

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A studio secret weapon for the ages.

Famously used as a studio secret weapon of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page*, Airline V15 is a precise emulation of the Airline Bass-Guitar Amplifier Model 62 9020A - a 15" tube combo amp known for its strong mid presence, growl + note bloom.

Unlock your next classic riff with the legendary "Bender" pedal and 80+ custom IRs.

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Get the secret weapon behind countless classic riffs.

Airline V15 gives you:

✔️ Highly-accurate, true-feel emulation of the renowned Airline Bass-Guitar Amplifier Model 62 9020A, hand-built at the Chicago Valco factory in the late 1950s

✔️ Rich 15” vintage Jensen* speaker, sought-after for its deep note bloom and extreme touch sensitivity

✔️ Over 80 impulse responses of the amp's 15" speaker, which follow the same file naming conventions as our Recabinet - Remastered library

✔️ Standalone version - use the Airline V15 app on Mac or Windows to jam without a DAW

Get the classic "Bender" pedal and more.

✔️ Based on the classic Tone Bender pedal circuit, heard far and wide on numerous iconic riffs from Jimmy Page + others

✔️ Authentic Spring Reverb, built in as a quick control on the front panel

✔️ Highly-accurate, no-fuss noise gate for optimal tonal control

✔️ Oversampling up to 32x with separate settings for real-time and offline processing (adjustable on the fly)

✔️ Developed in direct collaboration with Eastwood Guitars/Airline

2-channel cabinet IR loader

with Speaker Dynamics + more:

✔️ Loaded with 80+ vintage 15" impulse responses and multiple mics/blends

✔️ 4 band EQ, speaker dynamics control, stereo panning (when used in a stereo instance), and adjustable short delay (useful when mixing 3rd-party IRs to account for phase discrepancies)

✔️ Load your own IRs with ease

✔️ Variable blending - psychoacoustically level matched in the center position

✔️ Resizable GUI - expand to fit your desired window size

✔️ 100% perpetual license for multiple devices, no iLok authorization required, no dinosaur dongle insanity required, and ZERO subscription fees EVER

A classic from the past for today's future legends.

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What makes Kazrog one of the biggest no-brainer choices in all of audio?

Airline V15

$39.99 USD Sale Save $20.00 USD
Airline V15

Airline V15

$39.99 USD Sale Save $20.00 USD
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Unlock your next classic riff with the Airline V15's timeless tonality and inspiring feel. Included are the legendary Bender pedal, 80+ custom IRs with Speaker Dynamics control, and gorgeous Spring Reverb.

Airline V15 delivers a classic from the past that is sure to be an instant classic for today's player!


  • macOS 10.13.x or higher required
  • VST, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Apple M1 (or Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge") CPU or newer strongly recommended
  • All Kazrog plugins are Universal Binary 2 (native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel architecture.)


  • Windows 10 or higher strongly recommended
  • VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge" CPU or better strongly recommended
  • 100% perpetual license for multiple devices
  • no iLok authorization required
  • ZERO subscription fees EVER

Random silent output every so often, followed by a gentle fade. Preset save disabled. Demos are time-unlimited but have the above limitations. Purchasing the plugin removes these restrictions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
justin h.
Love the airline!

It’s spanking the pants off my UAD fender tweed amp simulator, Like not even close. I realize they are different models but just in the lively feel and tone it’s noticeable improvement

Alex H.
fun rock tones and more

If you want that classic bloom and .... just different feel and tone, pic this one up. Can play anything with this one, from clean cleans to scuzzy doom riffs on a 7 string. works nice on bass too! :D
Well done Kazrog, a pleasant surprise seeing this classic amp in a plugin.


Sounds great with vocals too!

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