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KClip 3 – One Louder

Mastering Clipper, Loudness Meter, Multiband Saturator

The ultimate mastering loudness tool and track saturator just got even better.

KClip 3 – New Features

  • Multiband Processing – Use up to 4 different clipping modes (or none) split between 4 assignable bandwidth regions.
  • EBU metering (LUFS) – Target loudness optimization to the desired level and quickly make sure your mix is ready for streaming.
  • Resizable Window – Enhanced visualiser and metering expand to fit the desired window size.
  • New clipping modes – In addition to expanded controls for Smooth, Crisp, Tube and Tape from version 2, add extra saturation and bite with Germanium, Silicon, Broken Speaker, and Guitar Amp.
  • Threshold – A top user request for 48 dB of additional headroom and/or gain capability.
  • Mid/Side processing – Clip your mid and side signals separately for extra stereo imaging control.
  • Settings A/B comparison – And other workflow enhancements, such as expanded oversampling options, window settings recall, wet/dry on front panel, and more!

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KClip Videos

KClip User Testimonials

“KClip has not only given us the highest quality, most transparent, creative clipping tool on the market, it’s also single-handedly upended the entire mastering game. No longer do you need to run a round trip through $10,000 converters just to increase the volume of your mix. You have it all at your fingertips, immensely tweakable, instantly recallable, right in plug-in form.”

Ermin Hamidovic – Systematic Productions (Architects, Periphery, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders)

Ross Hogarth

“KClip has become an essential ingredient on the stereo bus ever since I first installed it. Its clarity and transparency are second to none, and it has vibe on tap when you need it.”

Ross Hogarth (Van Halen / Keb’ Mo’ / Dweezil Zappa / The Doobie Brothers)

“I absolutely love KClip 3 – the new multi-band features are a game changer and the ability to get huge perceived volume without sacrificing transient punch is unparalleled. It’s incredible on heavy material but I was very pleasantly surprised how well it performs with soft acoustic music too – lots of extra power without any loss in clarity or unwanted limiting artifacts. Amazing.”

Paul Visser (Black Orchid Empire, Petula Clark, BBC, Channel 4)

“I’ve been working with KClip on my master bus the past couple of days. Easily the best clipper I’ve ever used.”

Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial)
“@kazrog nice work with KClip. I used it on a few masters this week & was able to take some stress off my ADC. Really impressed. Thank you!
@kazrog I was also surprised to see more acceptable RMS figures at higher perceived volume, without sucking out the low end. Uncanny”
– Brad Boatright via Twitter (here and here)
“Whoa, this is fantastic. And totally a case of the price being so low that I assumed I probably didn’t need it. Back to back with Slate FG-X, this blows it out of the water for quick mastering. And I’m a huge Slate fan. I’m using the FG-X meters along with this, and this is completely transparent while FG-X starts to really distort. Thank you Kazrog! I can’t believe how stoked I am on this impulse purchase. I’m still glad I have FG-X for the metering and buss compressor, but when this gets metering I might completely retire FG-X :o”

-KFW via GearSlutz

“This plugin is wonderful! I just used it on a dense rock mix and it beat all my usual limiters in it’s clarity and transient depth while giving greater loudness. I tried my usual limiters and they all audibly squashed the transient details compared to Kclip. It served well in mixing duties too. Well done Kazrog!”

-Zyzgis via GearSlutz

KClip System Requirements


  • Mac OS X 10.9 or higher required
  • VST, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 “Ivy Bridge” CPU or better strongly recommended


  • Windows 7 or higher required
  • VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 “Ivy Bridge” CPU or better strongly recommended

KClip 3 – Upgrade Coupon Codes

  • KClip 2 users save 50% with coupon code C130ADBA
  • KClip 1 users save 25% with coupon code DA034BE3

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