About Kyle Lane Grant

Marketing Director

Kyle Lane Grant - Marketing Director, Kazrog Prolific in the studio and beyond, Kyle Lane Grant personifies today's multi-hyphenate music tech careerist to a T. For over a decade, Grant has led marketing for some of audio's top brands and thrived as an independent artist/producer.

Grant takes “self-taught” ethos to heart, embracing DIY tenacity with technical prowess. A natural-born guitarist, he grew quickly into a commanding presence in the studio, mastering the link between sonics and emotional impact.

“I was raised on the classics, the timeless albums that will stand tall forever, regardless of generational trends and tastes. These albums taught me the magnitude of sonics. Properly executed sonics ensure that a song’s emotion is felt and, more importantly, understood instantly by the listener at a subconscious level. This drew me to the world of audio at an early age.”

Grant approaches his entire career from this stance. As an artist and guitarist, he blends the explosive, blues-drenched rock ‘n’ roll of decades past with today’s digital soundscape. Based primarily in LA over the years, Grant has also held extensive session stints and tech roles in Austin, Nashville, and Phoenix. He has performed on multiple national tours and countless stages, including three consecutive years on the iconic Vans Warped Tour.

In the studio, Grant proudly assumes the role of a “one-man band” for artists spanning rock, country, and hip-hop in addition to composing for multiple film/gaming studios. Grant has had the distinguished honor of collaborating with the University of Southern California’s widely-acclaimed GamePipe Lab.

Before Kazrog, Grant worked tirelessly in the music tech space as one of the industry's foremost Marketing Directors/Consultants. He served as Director of Marketing at Slate Digital, Steven Slate Drums, Slate Media Technology, KIT Plugins, and many more.

Grant grew up in Norman, Oklahoma learning the guitar and sampling asphalt via skateboarding. Fueled by inexhaustible drive and ambition, he has lived in Austin, Nashville, and Orange County, CA; spent numerous awesome and equally gut-wrenching years honing his craft in gloriously unforgiving Los Angeles; and graduated cum laude from UCLA as an esteemed Regents Scholar in English Literature.

Grant currently resides happily “out West” enjoying ample sunshine, loud guitars, and copious San Pellegrino.