Avalon VT-747SP

Meet your new magic mix box.

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The signature Avalon sound heard on countless hit records.

Trusted by top mixing + mastering engineers for its silky 6-band EQ, musical bus compression, and switchable Class A tube / transistor circuitry, Avalon VT-747SP gives you chart-topping sonics in every respect.

One of audio's most awe-inspiring hardware pieces. Available as a plugin for the very first time.

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An analog icon, redefined for today's producer.

Avalon VT-747SP gives you:

✔️ The hit-making sound of one of audio's most-coveted pieces of analog hardware (available as a plugin for the first time ever)

✔️ An elite-grade, affordable, and versatile sonic powerhouse that takes tracks, busses, and masters to their absolute limit (it's nearly impossible to make this box sound bad)

✔️ 130+ custom pro presets from industry legends like Michael Brauer, F. Reid Shippen, Joe Carrell, Lasse Lammert + many more (including new presets added in future free updates)

✔️ Mastering-tier top end up to 32 kHz (finally, analog "air" from a plugin that actually sounds like the hardware)

You'll also get:

✔️ Elite dynamic control from soft opto compression to hard-knee limiting (including master threshold, ratio, attack, and release)

✔️ Low and high-frequency parametric spectral controls routed into the internal sidechain for enhanced frequency-dependent compression (an absolute game changer when mastering)

✔️ TSP (Tube Signal Path) utilizes 3 virtual high-voltage dual triode tubes or the classic, Class A discrete transistor sound (get musical tube saturation whenever you need it)

✔️ 6-band graphic EQ models the super smooth characteristics of an all-passive design (push frequencies as hard as you want without digital harshness)

✔️ EQ can be placed pre or post-compressor for maximum versatility

✔️ 100% perpetual license for multiple devices, no iLok authorization required, no dinosaur dongle insanity required, and ZERO subscription fees EVER

Avalon VT-747SP - unlock another sonic dimension.

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What makes Kazrog one of the biggest no-brainer choices in all of audio?

Avalon VT-747SP

$77.00 USD Sale Save $20.00 USD
Avalon VT-747SP

Avalon VT-747SP

$77.00 USD Sale Save $20.00 USD
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Unleash the commanding pro sound of one of the most trusted processors in recording history. Packed with a velvety 6-band EQ, smooth opto compressor, and powerful Class A tube circuit, Avalon VT-747SP empowers you to unlock your sonic potential!


  • macOS 10.13.x or higher required
  • VST, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Apple M1 (or Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge") CPU or newer strongly recommended
  • All Kazrog plugins are Universal Binary 2 (native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel architecture.)


  • Windows 10 or higher strongly recommended
  • VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge" CPU or better strongly recommended
  • 100% perpetual license for multiple devices
  • no iLok authorization required
  • ZERO subscription fees EVER

Random silent output every so often, followed by a gentle fade. Preset save disabled. Demos are time-unlimited but have the above limitations. Purchasing the plugin removes these restrictions.

Customer Reviews

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Since I got the Avalon, it's not on all my mix buss tracks and occasionally on the track itself. It's a new mainstay for me now! Highly recommended!

Dream F.
The best of mastering plugin

I use AV VT-747SP in Mix Bus/ this is graet very nice/smooth&powerfull

Paul W.

Great plugin!

Jens L.
Avalon 747

Just WOW! The high frequency eq band on this thing is just amazing, and also the whole eq is subtle, delicate and SO pleasing. This is a tool to enhance and deepen your mixes (or even to be used whilst mastering).