AmpCraft - 1992
AmpCraft - 1992
AmpCraft - 1992
AmpCraft 1992 - Metal Legend

AmpCraft - 1992

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AmpCraft 1992 – High Gain Legend

From the creator of Thermionik and Recabinet - a new generation of amp modeling is here.

AmpCraft - 1992 represents the first in a new line of amp modeling plugins. Focused on being the world's most accurate emulation of a legendary high gain tube amplifier used on countless albums and tours, this plugin also includes 4 overdrive pedal emulations, a noise gate, as well as a dual-channel IR loader with EQ and speaker dynamics emulation, with a selection of critically acclaimed Recabinet impulse responses.



  • Highly accurate, touch sensitive emulation of the famous American "block letter" high gain tube amplifier, known for its crushing lead channel.
  • Higher-headroom clean/crunch channel than the hardware - enjoy sparkling true clean and mid-gain tones with no fuss, for versatile use across many musical genres outside of hard rock and metal.
  • 4 overdrive pedals:
    • 808 - Based on the latest, limited boutique Japanese "808" pedal with handpicked vintage ICs, this is a smooth overdrive that sculpts attack beautifully all the way from blues to metal.
    • 66 - Based on the modern boutique EQ/boost pedal made famous by one of the most influential Swedish metal bands.
    • Stockholm - Based on the legendary Japanese-built pedal known for its buzzsaw distortion that became a staple in the early Swedish deathmetal scene.
    • Djrive - Based on the modern boutique overdrive pedal that has become an industry standard tool of the modern prog metal scene, this model has selectable voicings that make it useful in a variety of tunings for precise adjustment of picking attack response.
  • Noise gate - the G8 pedal model is based on a popular single-knob noise gate pedal that has been fine tuned for the needs of the modern metal player.
  • 2 channel Cabinet IR loader with the following features:
    • 4 included Cabinet IR packs from the Recabinet - Remastered collection, with 8 mic models on each cabinet.
      • 1960 4x12 - Based on the legendary modern British 4x12
      • Green 4x12 - Based on the legendary vintage 70s British 4x12
      • Oversize 4x12 - Based on an American oversized Baltic Birch 4x12 cabinet
      • Tangerine 4x12 - Based on a modern British cabinet known for a classic-style voicing and colorful design.
    • Variable blending - psychoacoustically level matched in the center position.
    • 4 band EQ
    • Speaker dynamics control
    • Stereo Panning (when used in a stereo instance)
    • Adjustable short delay (useful when mixing IRs from different makers, to account for phase discrepancies.)
    • Solo and phase reverse toggles
  • Oversampling - up to 32x
  • Standalone version - NEW in version 1.0.1, use the AmpCraft - 1992 app on Mac or Windows to jam out without a DAW! 

Free Demo Download Available

To download the free demo, select "Free Demo" from the "Version" menu above, then click Add to Cart and proceed to check out (it won't ask for payment information, don't worry!)

Demo limitations: Kazrog plugin demos are time-unlimited, but have silent output every so often. Also, preset save is disabled. Purchasing the plugin removes these restrictions.

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System Requirements

Mac Windows VST VST3 AU AAX

  • macOS 10.9.5 or higher required
  • VST 2/3, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i7 "Haswell" CPU or newer, or Apple M1 strongly recommended

Apple Silicon status: All current Kazrog plugins are Universal 2 and fully support Apple Silicon / M1 for VST2, VST3, and AU formats, while maintaining full backward compatibility with Intel Macs. 

AAX format is working very well in Pro Tools under Rosetta 2. Full Universal 2 support for AAX format will be offered as soon as Avid allows us to support it.

  • Windows 7 or higher required
  • VST 2/3 or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 11 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i7 "Haswell" CPU or newer, or AMD Ryzen strongly recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Andy Richardson
Great plugin. But had to uninstall

Plugin is great. You've done a great job. Unfortunately my computer (it is getting old) glitches occasionally and keep hearing audio artifacts.

Amp craft seems to be more cpu heavy than the other amp sims I use from audio assault tonelib and revalver. And when I have it on a track in cubase the audio performance metre keeps spiking.

When I upgrade my pc...I will definitely give it another test and if it works I will buy sounded great.

Nicolò Schillaci
Great for my guitars.

Right from the start I was at my best, clear and cutting sounds with nice grooves and more.

Richard Rodgers
Great amp

I like's all good.I think it's one of the better one out there..

awesome plugin. Needs tuner

Like someone before said...its better than most high gain amp sims out there for less price.Needs tuner. Uses alot of CPU.The only preset I needed was the Chug Chug preset then dial to taste. The 808 pedal is fantastic


I think this is the best high gain Peavey amp sim on the market. I own some other notable ones: Neural DSP Nolly ( it’s really good, supposedly a 5150 as one of the amps but who knows knows), STL Amphub Meridian (good also but not nearly as saturated as I’d like), STL Tones Colin Richardson pack (it contains some amazing 5150/6505/6534 captures) and several others. These three are standouts, though. Except for Ampcraft 1992, it’s my favorite and if you get it on sale for $25, it’s the best value of any guitar plugin I own. Also, it’s important that I mention the pedals. Amp sim pedals usually do more to stifle the sound than enrich it, in my opinion. But I found the 808, 66 and HDPD all to be outliers. They are stellar and perhaps the best plug in overdrive representations I’ve ever heard. The cab/ir section isn’t my favorite, cleans are hard to come by and there aren’t any effects; yeah, that’s about it for criticism. Well, I also don’t know why this company has only one amp sim and it might be the best in the business. Anyway, you can’t miss in this one at $25.

Thanks so much!

We are working on more amps, pedals, FX, and an expanded cab section for the AmpCraft lineup going forward. AmpCraft-1992 is just the beginning, and a chance to give this technology some use in your tracks while we build out the rest of the product line.

Stay tuned!