AmpCraft - 1992

The high gain hero has landed.

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Legendary tones heard on countless crushing albums.

AmpCraft - 1992 features 4 OD pedals, a noise gate, dual-channel IR loader with speaker dynamics, EQ, and a critically-acclaimed array of over 200 impulse responses from 4 historic cabs.

Riff huge with a 100% authentic play-through feel.

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Massive tones that inspire huge riffs.

AmpCraft 1992 gives you:

✔️ Highly-accurate, touch-sensitive emulation of the famous American "block letter" high gain tube amp (known for its crushing lead channel and iconic voicing)

✔️ Higher-headroom clean/crunch channel than the actual hardware (enjoy sparkling true clean and mid-gain tones with no fuss)

✔️ Standalone version - use the AmpCraft - 1992 app on Mac or Windows to jam without a DAW

✔️ Oversampling up to 32x with separate settings for real-time and offline processing (adjustable on the fly)

✔️ Resizable GUI - expand to fit your desired window size

✔️ 100% perpetual license for multiple devices, no iLok authorization required, no dinosaur dongle insanity required, and ZERO subscription fees EVER

4 industry-renowned OD pedals

Grip it + rip it:

✔️ 808 - based on the latest limited boutique Japanese "808" pedal w/ hand-picked vintage ICs (super smooth OD that sculpts attack beautifully from blues to metal)

✔️ 66 - based on the modern boutique EQ/boost pedal (made famous by one of the most influential Swedish metal bands)

✔️ Stockholm - based on the legendary Japanese-built pedal known for its buzzsaw distortion (a staple in the early Swedish death metal scene)

✔️ Djrive - based on the modern boutique overdrive pedal, an industry-standard box of the modern prog metal scene (this model has selectable voicings that make it wildly useful in a variety of tunings)

2-channel cabinet IR loader

with Speaker Dynamics + more:

✔️ Features 4 included cabinet IR packs from the Recabinet - Remastered collection (with 8 mic models on each cab)

✔️ 1960 4x12 - based on the legendary modern British 4x12

✔️ Green 4x12 - based on the legendary vintage '70s British 4x12

✔️ Oversize 4x12 - based on an American oversized Baltic Birch 4x12 cabinet

✔️ Tangerine 4x12 - based on a modern British cabinet known for its classic-style voicing and colorful design

✔️ Load your own IRs with ease

✔️ Variable blending - psychoacoustically level matched in the center position

✔️ 4 band EQ, speaker dynamics control, stereo panning (when used in a stereo instance), and adjustable short delay (useful when mixing 3rd-party IRs to account for phase discrepancies)

AmpCraft 1992 - unlock your next iconic riff.

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What makes Kazrog one of the biggest no-brainer choices in all of audio?

AmpCraft - 1992

$29.99 USD Sale Save $30.00 USD
AmpCraft - 1992

AmpCraft - 1992

$29.99 USD Sale Save $30.00 USD
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AmpCraft - 1992 represents the first in a next-gen line of amp modeling plugins. Focused on being the world's most accurate emulation of THE legendary high gain tube amp used on countless albums and tours, AmpCraft - 1992 gives you the true "play-through" amp feel and sound you've been missing.

Go forth and riff huge with AmpCraft - 1992!


  • macOS 10.13.x or higher required
  • VST, AU, AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Apple M1 (or Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge") CPU or newer strongly recommended
  • All Kazrog plugins are Universal Binary 2 (native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel architecture.)


  • Windows 10 or higher strongly recommended
  • VST or AAX (64 bit) compatible host required
  • Pro Tools 12 or higher required for AAX version
  • Intel i5 "Ivy Bridge" CPU or better strongly recommended
  • 100% perpetual license for multiple devices
  • no iLok authorization required
  • ZERO subscription fees EVER

Random silent output every so often, followed by a gentle fade. Preset save disabled. Demos are time-unlimited but have the above limitations. Purchasing the plugin removes these restrictions.

Customer Reviews

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AmpCraft - 1992

Tord J.
Great, but need new pc

Love the sound, but takes to mutch cpu for my pc within a project with more than only that track.
So waiting to upgrade my pc

Thanks for the review! Have you tried Eco Mode in the plugin's settings? It alleviates CPU usage without much noticeable change in sound.

Aputsiaq E.

AmpCraft - 1992

David G.
Like a real amp

It handles like a real amp. It's dynamic, has a distinctive sound and is therefore not suited for everything. However, what it does it does really well and not having it is missing out on a great sound potential. Just like you would want more than one hardware amp and more than one guitar for your recordings, you want to have some of these specialized amps as well. Get Airline and Ampcraft and you are already in business for most guitar driven songs.

Ricardas R.

AmpCraft - 1992