True 252 - October 28

Kazrog and Powers Music Group are proud to announce their next plugin collaboration - True 252. Following in the line of vintage analog emulations such as True Iron and True Dynamics (both of which received NAMM TEC Award nominations), True 252 is an emulation of the highly sought after Langevin EQ 252A Graphic Equalizer.

In building this emulation, copious measurements were made of the original hardware, and every effort has been made to accurately represent it in the digital domain - including the extremely musical, Motown-style EQ curves, and gentle natural saturation of the original unit.

This equalizer is incredibly intuitive, and brings life to masters, buses, and individual tracks in a way that feels effortless and immediate.

True 252 is out now!

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Hi Stakes on

Incredible! Makes everything sound ultra real!

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