New Kazrog User Area

In order to better serve our users, we've set up a new user login area with easier access to downloads - particularly if you own multiple products, the experience is much nicer than ever before!

Automated activation emails going out!

Don't be alarmed, now...

If you've received an activation link from us via email this week, it's because at some point you registered on our website - either to demo a plugin, to purchase a plugin, or perhaps a bit of both.
We want to make sure that all of our users are able to receive free updates for their products, hence the automated email. If this has confused or scared you, we're very sorry for any intrusion - we just want to make sure you're receiving the full support you're entitled to.

I can't get in?

Some older user accounts haven't been migrated, as the older database is fundamentally incompatible with our current database. In those cases, we can simply manually recreate your account - just open a user account migration ticket and we'll get you set up shortly.

My account is missing some products (or I need to merge an old email into a new one)?

Same as above - just open a user account migration ticket and we'll get any missing licenses moved into your new account. We have records of every single Kazrog license from the beginning of the company, so no worries!

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