Announcing AmpCraft - Fall 2021

AmpCraft - 1992

Kazrog is proud to announce its forthcoming amp modeling plugin line, AmpCraft. Each AmpCraft plugin will emulate a specific guitar or bass amp, along with a collection of pedals, cabinets, and mics. As with all Kazrog plugins, each plugin will support Mac and Windows operating systems, and VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Standalone app versions will also be provided.

First to be released in the series will be AmpCraft - 1992, an emulation of one of the most celebrated high gain amps of all time. While this release is focused on the modern high gain player, subsequent AmpCraft plugins will emulate a wide range of amps spanning all eras and styles of electric guitar - including some rare and vintage amps that have never been emulated before.

While the amp modeling space is increasingly crowded, AmpCraft has several core priorities that set it apart from other modelers:

  • Touch sensitive dynamics - AmpCraft models are highly detailed, and respond to the pick attack and dynamic nuance of the player.
  • Versatile tone controls - All controls of each real-world amplifier are emulated.
  • Detailed pedal emulations - Sculpt your tone with a variety of modern and vintage overdrives.
  • 2 channel IR loader and cabinet IR library - Each AmpCraft plugin will include an IR library with a wide range of cabinets and mics represented.

Additionally, AmpCraft offers:

  • Noise gate
  • Adjustable input and output level adjustment
  • Preset A/B functionality
  • Up to 32x oversampling

AmpCraft builds upon Kazrog's core legacy in guitar software products, which began with the critically acclaimed Thermionik and Recabinet.

AmpCraft - 1992 is slated for a Fall 2021 release. Subsequent AmpCraft plugins will follow, spanning all eras and styles of electric guitar. Specific pricing and more details will be announced soon, but rest assured, special upgrade pricing for Thermionik and Recabinet owners will be honored.

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