All Kazrog plugins updated!

Kazrog True Dynamics 1.1 - 26W Model

Today, all Kazrog plugins have been updated. A summary of the updates is below:

  • True Dynamics 1.1.0 - adds the new 26W compressor model (based on Collins 26W), mastering bias setting, Apple Silicon support, and more.
  • KClip 3.2.4 - adds improved performance and Apple Silicon support.
  • True Iron 1.3.0 - adds Apple Silicon support and new tooltip descriptions of each transformer model.
  • Synth Warmer 1.1.3 - adds Apple Silicon support and the latest SDKs and frameworks.

All of these updates are free for existing users. Simply log in to your account to grab the latest versions, or see this help page if you need help logging in to an older account.

For complete version histories for each product, see the version history knowledge base page.

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