Maintenance updates to KClip, True Iron posted

KClip 3.1 and True Iron 1.1.2 are out today. Grab the updates on the downloads page.

KClip 3.1 version notes

Overhaul update to improve efficiency and stability of KClip 3. Substantial under-the-hood retuning.
Important: 32 bit support has been deprecated from KClip 3 as of 3.1.0 – this means the previous version (KClip 3.0.2) is the final 32 bit compatible release (and the final 32 bit Kazrog plugin.)

Issues resolved:

  • Substantial performance improvements to multiband mode, while maintaining sonic parity with previous versions.
  • Crash conditions affecting Wavelab and Ozone users have been resolved.
  • Mono tracks are now supported, in addition to stereo as before.
  • VST3 is now installed to the correct folder on Windows.

True Iron 1.1.2 version notes

Maintenance update to address a single issue:

  • Fixed internal bypass “clicking” sound at 88.2 kHz and above session resolutions.

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Thermionik Suite – Now $50

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Thermionik – Professional Amp Modeling

Thermionik is Kazrog’s critically acclaimed suite of guitar amp modeling plugins, designed for complete tonal accuracy and control, emulating 30 legendary guitar amplifiers, 20+ cabinets, and 5 classic overdrive pedals, spanning all eras of electric guitar from vintage to modern.

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KClip 3.0.2 update posted

Download KClip 3.0.2 Update

KClip 3.0.2 has been posted. It is a maintenance update that is recommended for all users – download KClip 3.0.2 now.

Issues resolved:

  • Crackling sound during Quality slider changes has been addressed. Quality slider changes now only take effect once the current session has been closed and reopened.
  • Slider mouse tolerances throughout the plugin have been adjusted to be 30-60% faster, by popular demand. Use the “ctrl” key to operate the sliders in finer increments as needed.
  • Minor optimizations to the audio thread to increase efficiency of plugin instantiation.

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