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KClip Testimonials

“KClip has not only given us the highest quality, most transparent, creative clipping tool on the market, it’s also single-handedly upended the entire mastering game. No longer do you need to run a round trip through $10,000 converters just to increase
the volume of your mix. You have it all at your fingertips, immensely tweakable, instantly recallable, right in plug-in form.”

Ermin Hamidovic – Systematic Productions (Architects, Periphery, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders)

Ross Hogarth

“KClip has become an essential ingredient on the stereo bus ever since I first installed it. Its clarity and transparency are second to none, and it has vibe on tap when you need it.”

Ross Hogarth (Van Halen / Keb’ Mo’ / Dweezil Zappa / The Doobie Brothers)

“I absolutely love KClip 3 – the new multi-band features are a game changer and the ability to get huge perceived volume without sacrificing transient punch is unparalleled. It’s incredible on heavy material but I was very pleasantly surprised how well
it performs with soft acoustic music too – lots of extra power without any loss in clarity or unwanted limiting artifacts. Amazing.”

Paul Visser – The Recording Studio London (Black Orchid Empire, Petula Clark, BBC, Channel 4)

“I’ve been working with KClip on my master bus the past couple of days. Easily the best clipper I’ve ever used.”

Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial)

True Iron Testimonials

True Iron is great for adding mojo, life and heat to cold digital tracks.”

Armando Avila – Multiple Grammy Award winning producer/writer/performer

Ross Hogarth“I’ve been way into having real iron transformers on my mixes and recordings for a good portion of my career. The True Iron plugin is a game changer – having this indispensable sound on recall in the convenience of a DAW. This is a plugin that just makes everything sound better! With the ability to add extra harmonic distortion on the fly, and blend wet and dry signal to taste, it opens up even more possibilities on the fly that would be tedious or impractical to do with hardware.”

Ross Hogarth – Grammy award winning producer/engineer (Van Halen, Keb’ Mo’, Dweezil Zappa, The Doobie Brothers)

Max LegendTrue Iron gives you a solid, clean low-mid range without touching a button.”

Max Legend – TV and Trailer composer (Trailer campaigns – Avengers: Infinity War, Spiderman:Homecoming, Kong:Skull Island, Resident Evil:Final Chapter)

“Right away, True Iron did something really nice to my mix in the low end and the mid range definition.”

Danny Lux – SESAC Award Winning, Emmy Nominated TV and Film composer

True Iron has a solid transformer sound. Loving what it does to the low end! Sounds like the real deal and not an effect. This will be a go-to tool in my plugin arsenal.”

Pete Lyman – Mastering Engineer, Infrasonic Sound (Chris Stapleton, Tom Waits, Zac Brown Band)

“These guys modeled some classic iron and I like what I’m hearing! Just running through it adds some bounce. The ability to dial in the saturation is a blast. You’re going to want to turn this baby up!”

Phil Moore – Retro Instruments

John Paterno“True Iron is deceptively simple but infinitely useful!”

John Paterno – Producer/engineer (Lustra, Soraya, Robben Ford, Eros Ramazzotti, Bonnie Raitt, Badly Drawn Boy)

“Crazy and over the top is easy to find in plugins nowadays. What’s nearly impossible is complex, subtle distortion and harmonics that enhance the sound without destroying the character. Until now. True Iron is the first time I’ve heard this magic. It’s so incredibly useful – it will change the way you work.”

F. Reid Shippen – Producer/engineer (Dierks Bentley, Kelsea Ballerini, Lady Antebellum, Backstreet Boys, Keith Urban, Ingrid Michaelson, Little Big Town)

True Iron accurately reproduces the sound of high quality vintage and modern transformers, adding the pleasant saturation of an overdriven transformer core, the beefy pleasing euphoria of true analog sound. True Iron enhances overall sonar cohesiveness on whatever it is put across adding solidity and focus to mids and bottoms, making bass and kick more rhythmically defined within a mix.

Used on the mix bus, True Iron helps take the edge off of digital recording while maintaining the sheen on each side of the mix and providing the ‘glue’ that only high quality transformers offer, and the wet/dry mix feature brings in parallel performance while maintaining clear detail throughout the mix.”

Rick St Pierre – CEO, Wizard Amplification Inc. & The Room Recording.
AC/DC (27 year studio and road amp tech), Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Jimmy Page, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bachman Turner Overdrive.

True Iron is perfect for gluing the low frequencies of kick drums and bass guitars together in such a way they compliment each other effortlessly.”

Jason Suecof – Audiohammer Studios (Deicide, Carnifex, Death Angel)

True Iron lets you add analogue warmth and weight to your digital tracks and mixes, or for real fun try the full crush mode and experience the exuberance of analogue console distortion. The plugin design is elegant and the controls are very intuitive. A must-have for anyone mixing inside the box. Well done, Shane and Devin!”

Bruce Sugar – Grammy nominated producer/engineer (Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Shocked)

“Wow! True Iron is amazing! It sounds and reacts exactly like hardware transformers. It’s an absolutely essential tool for me now. Finally! The sound, and ‘feel’ of outboard Transformer saturation in my DAW! Love it. “

Jack Trammell – Film Trailer Composer, Mix/Mastering Engineer (Mission: Impossible, Doctor Strange, Westworld)

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