True Iron 1.2

True Iron 1.2 Update – Out Now!

True Iron 1.2 (and subsequently the minor 1.2.1 post-release bug fix update) has been posted. The 1.2 update adds two new transformer models, and the new DNA mode. See the True Iron page for more information.

Version 1.2.1 fixes a bug with internal bypass in 1.2.

2 thoughts on “True Iron 1.2 Update – Out Now!

  1. I’m still getting massive gain spikes from True Iron in Logic, which can be quite alarming. Is there any fix for this in the works?

    1. True Iron 1.2.4 resolved that issue. True Iron 1.2.5 is going live later today and resolves an issue during bounce in Logic. Sorry about the issues, but now we’re confident all is well in Logic – which has proven to be a difficult host recently.

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