Recabinet 5.0.4 update posted

Recabinet – Version 5.0.4 – May 26, 2016

This is a bug fix update, and is recommended for all users. Download Recabinet 5.0.4 – click here.


  • Recabinet now properly stores and recalls IR paths in Pro Tools upon startup.
  • Recabinet now smoothly crossfades between preset changes, as it has in the past. This was accidentally omitted in 5.0.3 when the codebase was rebuilt.
  • Windows installers are properly code signed (this has also been retroactively applied to live Recabinet and Thermionik 5.0.3 installers on the server.)

Known Issues:

  • Custom user default IR path settings from 5.0.3 will need to be reset again. This won’t be an issue after this update.
  • As has been detailed in this forum thread, Sonar users will continue to experience issues with larger projects. A solution is in the works.

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