Thermionik 5.0.1 update posted.

Version 5.0.1 of Thermionik has been posted in the members’ area for registered users. This is a recommended critical bug fix update, and contains many improvements over the initial release from last week. A free demo version will be released soon, with a separate announcement when it goes live.

Thermionik 5.0.1 release notes:

  • Crashes that have plagued many hosts in a variety of conditions have been eliminated completely.
  • Gain ranging/calibration of the entire set of 25 current amp models has been improved massively, with increased versatility (can go clean even on a lead channel, the entire range of gain knob is more meaningful/usable), control (10x the number of control points), and full backward compatibility with existing presets.
  • Mid gain sounds on various vintage amp models are smoother due to recalibrated vintage tube algorithms.
  • Factory presets have been re-leveled to prevent clipping.
  • Impedance curves in the power sections of Psycho A, Psycho B, Damage 120, and Duality 3ch have been revised.
  • Fixed a bug where a loaded preset may not be recalled when re-opening a session in some DAWs.

3 thoughts on “Thermionik 5.0.1 update posted.

  1. Two questions.Do you have to delete the ones installed in the vst,or do they install over the top? On my downloads page it still just says.exe.Is this the new install? Must say when I went from the clean Mesa sound to the distorted one I’m glad I had my amp turned down low.It nearly took my ears off,so did wonder about that.Hope that’s the kind of thing fixed.

    1. Under most conditions, the installers should overwrite the existing plugins. You’ll know you have updated plugins if they show version 5.0.1 in the top right corner of the plugin window. Any issues switching channels or presets have been smoothed with a longer crossfade to prevent problems.

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