Thermionik 5.0.1 update posted.

Version 5.0.1 of Thermionik has been posted in the members’ area for registered users. This is a recommended critical bug fix update, and contains many improvements over the initial release from last week. A free demo version will be released soon, with a separate announcement when it goes live.

Thermionik 5.0.1 release notes:

  • Crashes that have plagued many hosts in a variety of conditions have been eliminated completely.
  • Gain ranging/calibration of the entire set of 25 current amp models has been improved massively, with increased versatility (can go clean even on a lead channel, the entire range of gain knob is more meaningful/usable), control (10x the number of control points), and full backward compatibility with existing presets.
  • Mid gain sounds on various vintage amp models are smoother due to recalibrated vintage tube algorithms.
  • Factory presets have been re-leveled to prevent clipping.
  • Impedance curves in the power sections of Psycho A, Psycho B, Damage 120, and Duality 3ch have been revised.
  • Fixed a bug where a loaded preset may not be recalled when re-opening a session in some DAWs.

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