Thermionik / Recabinet version 5 release support

Answers to common questions

With the release of 25 new plugins in one day (January 22, 2016), it’s understandable that there may be a few questions, especially for existing Recabinet 4 owners. Here are a few points for clarity:

  1. Q: What happened to Recabinet 5?
    A: Recabinet and Thermionik have been decoupled. Where there was once a single plugin, there are now 26.
  2. Q: How do I get new amp models?
    A: Each amp model in Thermionik 5 is its own plugin. They are available individually as well as in bundles. Best of all, you can make your own bundles by mixing and matching 5 or more amp models in your cart in our store, and receive the same level of discount as you would if you purchased one of our prefab bundles.
  3. Q: What do Recabinet 4 users get free?
    A: Recabinet 4 owners get a free update to the pieces they already own today – so, Recabinet 5, Recabinet 3+4 IR library, and Thermionik Modern Classics I bundle version 5 are all free downloads for you if you have Recabinet 4.
  4. Q: What discounts on add-on amp models do Recabinet 4 users get?
    A: Additional Thermionik model packs can be purchased for 40% off using coupon code E44F5A52 (discount requires a current Recabinet 4 license.)
  5. Q: What about us VIPs?
    A: VIP users (who participated in a crowdfunding campaign early in the development of this major update) receive all the new amp models, and of course Recabinet 5, free (seriously, log in and authorize the new amp models now from the About tab of any Thermionik or Recabinet plugin window!)