Planned Server Outage – January 2 and will be down January 2

We are in the process of migrating our website and store/login area to a new hosting provider. On January 2, 2018, at 1PM Pacific Standard Time (PST), all Kazrog web properties will be taken offline, and the transition will begin. The anticipated downtime will be 72 hours, possibly less.

What do I need to do?

If you need to purchase, download, or authorize plugins, please do so now, before the scheduled downtime to avoid being stuck in demo mode.

Once all systems are go on the new host, another notice will be sent out. Thanks to all of you for your patience and continued support!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

– Kazrog

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Thomas Fire Update

As some of you may already know, normal operation of Kazrog LLC has been adversely affected by the Thomas Fire currently burning in California. As a one-man company, I’ve been able to keep prices low and quality high by maintaining a streamlined workflow and focusing on making products that (individually) do one thing well. The downside of being a lone developer, of course, is that if things go wrong, it can derail the entire operation.

At this point in time, my family and I are safe – we’ve evacuated inland and are visiting relatives who have been kind enough to provide us with a place to stay. My servers are redundant and in another state, so the Kazrog website is working flawlessly as always.

Active development, however, has been paused for the time being. I’ve not been able to bring my core build machines with me – only my laptop with minimal tools installed. Rural Internet service is literally broken – not due to the fire, but due to the lack of any kind of meaningful regulation of Internet service in this country. Accordingly, I’m having to tether to my cell phone at $10 USD / GB to get to the cloud, which of course I’m doing sparingly.

I appreciate everyone’s kind words of concern. I consider myself very lucky at this time – there are a lot of people (many who are also in the music industry) who have been much more heavily impacted by this disaster, and I feel fortunate that my family and I are safe and comfortable.

So, until further notice, I’m going to focus on spending time with my family and staying out of the smoke. I’ll post another update once things are mostly back to normal.

Shane McFee

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Free Thermionik Amp Model – Serpent

For a limited time, we’re doing something crazy – giving away what has proven to be one of the most favored amp models from the entire Thermionik collection – the Serpent. This model (based on the Framus Cobra tube guitar amp head) is a versatile 3 channel beast, specializing in tight, articulate high gain, but very capable of just about any style of guitar tone.

Here’s how to get the Serpent plugin free:

  1. Go the the Kazrog store and add the Serpent to your cart.
  2. Sign in to your account (if you have one) or create a new account with us (free.)
  3. Check out – the model will be authorized to your account.
  4. Download the latest Kazrog Complete installer, and install Serpent (along with any other plugins you own or want to try.)
  5. Authorize the plugin as per the instructions in the Kazrog manual.


Sound Clips

Check out a few sounds of the Serpent, recorded off the cuff by Thermionik creator and Kazrog LLC founder Shane McFee:


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KClip 2 makes GearGods’ Top 10 Plugins of 2016 list!

We’re honored to have KClip 2 featured in GearGods’ Top 10 Plugins of 2016 list. Thanks, guys!

KClip 2 is a loudness plugin and saturator for VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats on Mac and Windows. Since its inception with KClip version 1 in 2015, it has become an indispensable tool for audio mastering engineers, audio post engineers, EDM producers, DJs, audio forensics specialists, remixers, and more. KClip 2 expands upon the versatility and utility of the plugin with a host of new features, and the Pro edition of KClip 2 also includes the acclaimed masterDither plugin for an incredibly transparent final mastering stage.


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