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KClip 3 – Coming January 2018

The ultimate mastering loudness tool and track saturator is about to get even better. Pre-order now and save 50% off the release day price!

KClip 3 – New Features

  • Multiband Processing – Use up to 4 different clipping modes (or none) split between 4 assignable bandwidth regions.
  • EBU metering (LUFS) – Target loudness optimization presets for different popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more!
  • Resizable Window – Enhanced view of processed and unprocessed audio on the same display, with adjustable realtime zoom and sizing.
  • New clipping modes – In addition to expanded controls for Smooth, Crisp, Tube and Tape from version 2, add extra saturation and bite with Germanium, Silicon, Broken Speaker, and Guitar Amp.
  • Threshold – A top user request for 48 dB of additional headroom and/or gain capability.
  • Mid/Side processing – Clip your mid and side signals separately for extra stereo imaging control.
  • Settings A/B comparison – And other workflow enhancements, such as expanded oversampling options, window settings recall, wet/dry on front panel, and more!

KClip 3 – Upgrade Pricing

  • KClip 2 Pro users save 50% with coupon code C130ADBA
  • Complete Collection 1 users save 70% with coupon code 95283158
  • KClip 2 Standard users save 25% with coupon code A92BCB0F
  • KClip 1 users save 15% with coupon code DA034BE3

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Free Thermionik Amp Model – Serpent

For a limited time, we’re doing something crazy – giving away what has proven to be one of the most favored amp models from the entire Thermionik collection – the Serpent. This model (based on the Framus Cobra tube guitar amp head) is a versatile 3 channel beast, specializing in tight, articulate high gain, but very capable of just about any style of guitar tone.

Here’s how to get the Serpent plugin free:

  1. Go the the Kazrog store and add the Serpent to your cart.
  2. Sign in to your account (if you have one) or create a new account with us (free.)
  3. Check out – the model will be authorized to your account.
  4. Download the latest Kazrog Complete installer, and install Serpent (along with any other plugins you own or want to try.)
  5. Authorize the plugin as per the instructions in the Kazrog manual.


Sound Clips

Check out a few sounds of the Serpent, recorded off the cuff by Thermionik creator and Kazrog LLC founder Shane McFee:


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KClip 2 makes GearGods’ Top 10 Plugins of 2016 list!

We’re honored to have KClip 2 featured in GearGods’ Top 10 Plugins of 2016 list. Thanks, guys!

KClip 2 is a loudness plugin and saturator for VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats on Mac and Windows. Since its inception with KClip version 1 in 2015, it has become an indispensable tool for audio mastering engineers, audio post engineers, EDM producers, DJs, audio forensics specialists, remixers, and more. KClip 2 expands upon the versatility and utility of the plugin with a host of new features, and the Pro edition of KClip 2 also includes the acclaimed masterDither plugin for an incredibly transparent final mastering stage.


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