Palm TreesKazrog LLC was founded by Shane McFee in California, debuting in 2008 with the release of Recabinet, the most comprehensive speaker cabinet impulse response library on the market – and the first to be recorded in a professional studio. It was an experiment, and there was no expectation that the product would succeed – “All I wanted were some good sounding speaker cabinet emulations for my own productions, and I figured that even if the product failed commercially, it would prove very useful for me personally in the studio. Thankfully, the product succeeded beyond my expectations, and served as a springboard to launch my own pro audio software company.” says founder and CEO/CTO Shane McFee.

Recabinet would quickly grow into part of a suite of plugins for VST, AU, and AAX formats for Mac OS X and Windows, setting a new standard for realism and dynamic responsiveness. Other new products followed, including the groundbreaking ThermionikKClip,and PluginUpdate

Kazrog LLC is committed to a vision of extreme attention to detail and unique creativity in software.