KClip 3 – Pre Order

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KClip 3 – Coming April 2018

The ultimate mastering loudness tool and track saturator is about to get even better. Pre-order now!

KClip 3 – New Features

  • Multiband Processing – Use up to 4 different clipping modes (or none) split between 4 assignable bandwidth regions.
  • EBU metering (LUFS) – Target loudness optimization presets for different popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more!
  • Resizable Window – Enhanced view of processed and unprocessed audio on the same display, with adjustable realtime zoom and sizing.
  • New clipping modes – In addition to expanded controls for Smooth, Crisp, Tube and Tape from version 2, add extra saturation and bite with Germanium, Silicon, Broken Speaker, and Guitar Amp.
  • Threshold – A top user request for 48 dB of additional headroom and/or gain capability.
  • Mid/Side processing – Clip your mid and side signals separately for extra stereo imaging control.
  • Settings A/B comparison – And other workflow enhancements, such as expanded oversampling options, window settings recall, wet/dry on front panel, and more!

KClip 3 – Upgrade Pricing

  • KClip 2 Pro users save 50% with coupon code C130ADBA
  • Complete Collection 1 users save 70% with coupon code 95283158
  • KClip 2 Standard users save 25% with coupon code A92BCB0F
  • KClip 1 users save 15% with coupon code DA034BE3

*Disclaimer: graphical user interface (GUI) shown is a teaser, and is subject to change slightly prior to release.

14 thoughts on “KClip 3 – Pre Order

    1. We’ll keep this open a while and post teasers as well. There will be an announcement made when the pre order window is closing.

  1. I don’t see any prices for the upgrade from KCLip2. … or any upgrade prices at all. It is mentioned in the discount code section but that’s it.

  2. I tried to preorder with the coupon code and I own kclip2, but it said I needed an active subscription to use the coupon. I don’t know what this means. The email said I get 25% off if I have clip 2 standard. The checkout disagrees. I’d like to go ahead and order this thing before I forget.

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