Kazrog Announces new Plugins, Bundles

Kazrog announces new products for 2017. 

Kazrog has announced the forthcoming release of Thermionik Modern Classics III and Overdrive Legends I bundles, available for pre-order today. The plugins are expected to be released in early February 2017. In addition, Kazrog has announced the Kazrog Complete Collection 1 bundle, which includes all of Kazrog’s plugins and content libraries in a single bundle for the first time.

Modern Classics III continues to expand Thermionik’s range of guitar amp modeling plugins with 5 new models based on legendary amps:

Plugin Name Inspired by
Thermionik Amped Bass Ampeg SVT
Thermionik Fueled Blue Diezel VH4 (Blue Faceplate)
Thermionik Fueled Silver Diezel VH4 (Silver Faceplate)
Thermionik Ogre Excess Bogner Ecstasy / XTC
Thermionik Tangerine Nightmare Orange Dual Dark 100

Overdrive Legends I extends the capabilities of Kazrog’s guitar lineup with 5 highly sought after guitar effects pedal emulations:

Plugin Name Inspired by Bundle
Bass Director Sans Amp Bass Driver DI Overdrive Legends I
Centipede Klon Centaur Overdrive Legends I
Ram Fuzz Electro-Harmonix '73 Big Muff Overdrive Legends I
Stockholm BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal Overdrive Legends I
Vintage Driver Ibanez vintage TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Legends I

In addition to the new plugins and bundles, Kazrog will be issuing bug fix and enhancement updates to the entire range of existing plugins, coinciding with the new releases.

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