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KClip review on GearSlutz

The rave reviews about KClip keep coming in! Check out this great review on GearSlutz.

KClip Video Review on Pro Tools Expert

Dan Cooper at Pro Tools Expert has posted this in depth video review of KClip. Check it out below or on Pro Tools Expert.

KClip 1.0.2 Update Posted

KClip 1.0.2 screen shotKClip has been updated to version 1.0.2. This version fixes a bug where the Guard setting was not properly saved with sessions in some situations. This update is recommended for all users. Additionally, it is recommended that you toggle the state of the Guard setting and re-save any sessions using KClip.


KClip 1.0.1 Update Posted

KClip 1.0.1 screen shotKClip has been updated to version 1.0.1. This version adds a Ceiling control, which adjusts the final output level of the plugin after the Guard switch has been enabled. This update is recommended for all users.


KClip 1.0 Released

KClip 1.0 screen shot

Kazrog LLC is proud to announce the release of KClip 1.0. KClip is the most transparent way to increase the apparent loudness of your mixes during mastering. If you’ve been envious of pro mastering studios with expensive high end converters that clip elegantly as a final mastering stage, KClip will get you as good (if not better) results 100% in the box.

KClip was developed (in part) as a sandbox for new technology in development for the forthcoming Recabinet 4.1 update. The quality of oversampling required for tube amp modeling also lends itself to mastering-grade distortion applications such as clipping, so it was a natural fit.

KClip is only $19.99. Registered Recabinet users get 50% off, and users who purchased a limited Recabinet 4 VIP license get KClip for free (it’s already in your account, just log in to download it now!)

Recabinet 4.0.3 Update Posted

Recabinet 4.0.3 is a maintenance update and is recommended for all users. It addresses numerous bugs from 4.0.2, and continues to iterate on the engine for the forthcoming major 4.1 update. For a full list of changes, check the version history.

*UPDATE (April 5, 2015) – Please download and install the Mac version again if you used the original 4.0.3 installer that was posted yesterday. A critical fix was accidentally left out of the Mac version due to a sync error. This has been resolved.

Recabinet 4.0.1 update & demo are live

Recabinet 4 users – be sure to log in and download this free update, which addresses numerous issues with the initial release (see the version history for details.) For those of you who haven’t tried Recabinet 4 / Thermionik yet, there’s now a free demo – download it here.

Official Kazrog forum is live @KVRAudio

We’re happy to announce that the folks at KVRAudio have been kind enough to host our new official Kazrog forum. This is a great place to discuss Recabinet with other users, and to receive support.

Recabinet 4 – Out Now

We’re happy to announce the release of Recabinet 4. All who pre-ordered have received their download links via email. If you didn’t receive your download link, please contact support.

We’ll also be releasing a free demo version of Recabinet 4 later this coming week. In the mean time, the Recabinet 3 demo is still available for download.